Golden Oil CBD ZERO THC Dripper Bottles


CBD/CBDa Golden Oil Sativa

Premium CO2 Hemp extract ‘Gold.’

High in CBDA

Triple Filtered for extra purity.

Mild and clean tasting.

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High in CBD.

Triple filtered for extra purity.

Mild and clean tasting.

Hemp seed oil mixed with a 40% zero THC paste


A great amount of research and development has gone into producing this extract of the highest quality. After CO2 critical extractioin a further process called winterization is performed. This uses a solvent and cold temperatures to separate lipids and other desired oil compounds from waxes. From here all THC is removed using a  flash column chromatography method resulting in a beautiful golden oil.


Our Golden CBD oil from CO2 extraction offers the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols from EU certified hemp. Our extracts contain not only high quantities of CBD but also other different cannabinoids, primarily CBC, CBG and CBN. The most frequently occurring terpenes in our hemp CBD extracts are myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, terpinols, Linalool, alpha-pinene, beta-pinenes, trans-alpha-bergamots and alpha-humulene made from organic cannabis buds

The extraction of cannabis concentrates is carried out based on the solubility of cannabinoids and other active ingredients of the hemp plant. Different extraction methods are used to extract the cannabis concentrate, with each having different types of potential effectiveness. The yield of cannabis concentrate, the effectiveness of the concentrate and the basic safety of the product depend, among other things, on the quality of the method used.

The extraction of cannabis concentrate using CO2 (carbon dioxide) has the highest market acceptance. This is a particularly safe and acceptable method in which the risk of remaining solvent residues may be excluded. However, CO2 extraction systems are considerably more expensive compared to butane or hexane systems. CO2 acts as a solvent under the influence of heat or cold, where hemp leaves are penetrated under high (supercritical) or low (sub-critical) pressure. However, extracting high quality concentrates from CO2 without the proper equipment suitable for the required pressure is extremely difficult.

Benefits of CO2 at a glance:

  • It’s non-toxic
  • Has GRAS status
  • Used in food products without any restrictions
  • Leaves no dangerous residues
  • Free of impurities
  • It’s inert
  • It’s antibacterial

This type of extraction technology makes it possible to:

  • Re-use and recover CO2
  • Extract substances in their natural form
  • Process sensitive products at moderate temperatures
  • Obtain high yields
  • Exclude oxygen
  •  shipped same day if ordered before 3pm
  • All products are including vat.

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10ml, 30ml


5%, 10%, 15%, 20%


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