• October 9, 2019
  • by Kaos
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We use different extracts grown by licensed growers, in different conditions from all over Europe to make our wide range of products.

Our Red Label edition is extracted from Cannabis Sativa, which is grown outdoors. (used to be Green and Blue Label). Available in 3 strengths in capsules or drops, and also paste.

The Green Label range is a Cannabis Hybrid. It is made up of 30% sativa and 70% Indica. (used to be purple label) The cannabis that is used to produce this extract is grown outdoors in Holland. Available in 3 different strengths in capsules or drops, and also paste.

Our New Purple Label Editions all use the same Cannabis Indica extract diluted to 2 different concentrations. This strain is grown under lights in a controlled environment for maximum cannabinoid content, yield and profile. The cost of production is much higher and for this reason the price too. (used to be white, red and black labels)

We also have a range of Gold products in both Hybrid and Sativa. Gold products are made from oil which has been further processed to remove waxes, sterols and also THC removed in the Sativa products.

A percentage from all sales goes towards our compassion program.