In 2014 CBD Brothers was founded by myself, Andrew Bayley in 2014 with one intention; “to make high quality CBD products available to the people of the UK. At this time it was relatively unheard of hard to obtain. Taboo to some, the very mention of the word Cannabis or Hemp was too much for others. Through compassion, dedication and education we, as part of the cannabis community broke down many barriers, manoeuvred obstacles fighting to keep CBD in the hands of the public, I dare say many of you would not have heard of CBD unbtil much later. Definitely would not of tried CBD for free or requested a sample for a friend or relative if it wasn’t for the work and ethos of my business CBD Brothers as these now quite common in the industry was all initialed by us.

After recent personal events I was determined to go back to the feeling of when CBDB was started, to make CBD Products of the highest quality available as affordibly as possible for the public. No wholesalers, no flash marketing or packaging just focusing on the customers who depend on us.

Starting a new company today on itself is more daunting than before. Starting Another CBD Company in an aggressive and fast becoming saturated market is hard enough. Try finding a name related to Cannabis, Hemp, Organic foods which hasn’t already be used! Many now involved are simply investors/venture capitalists following the “green rush” with no care or compassion for the customer….purely for profit, something which alarms me greatly as we are talking about peoples health.

So after all our previous hard work and dedication we are now just another CBD company….. or are we?

Using our vast knowledge, experience, dedication and compassion you will soon see we are far more than just Another CBD Company….. Products of the highest quality, clearly defined,  labelled and packaged. Listing not only cannabinoids, but strain and terpene profile, mg of CBD per product and serving with Certificate of Analysis’s on demand using QR codes printed on all products. Displaying everything that the customer deserves to know before chosing to consume.

More importantly we have long lasting, secured partnerships with the organic farmers and extract suppliers from across Europe who live by a similar ethos. As such we can offer quality and prices which many other companies will simply not be able to match.

Our wish is to work with other individuals and retailers. Offering white label products so they too can deliver products of the highest quality for their customers at an affordable price.

Please get in contact for white label or any other inquiries you may have and we’ll be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Andrew Bayley.

Founder and CEO.