CBD Distillate 87%


CBD Distillate 87% (870 mg CBD per 1000mg distillate).

Distillate can be utilised in many ways including vaping, ingesting in capsules or oil format, or even as it is. The taste is pleasant.

Available in 1g, 5g and 10g sizes.

This product will be supplied in tins.



CBD Distillate: Heat-Extracted Cannabidiol at its Purest

Our CBD Distillate is cannabidiol in its purest form. This CBD super-concentrate is distilled at specific temperatures for undiluted potency.

Our CBD Distillate is perfect for a variety of CBD end-products. Containing between 80-90% pure cannabidiol, it is ideal for maximum accuracy in dosing formulas and product manufacturing.


Because our CBD Distillate contains high concentrations of cannabidiol, intake amounts and dosages can be more effectively measured. The high concentration of cannabidiol and minimal presence of trace substitutes make it indispensable for engineering accurate CBD ratios for CBD tinctures and oils.


A pure CBD compound is achieved by one of the industry’s most effective extraction methods. The result is a clean product with minimal additives. Our CBD Distillate is refined by heat, vaporising the compound and filtering for unwanted plant waxes  creating the purest cannabidiol on the market.

CBD Distillate 87% (870 mg CBD per 1000mg distillate).

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10g 8700mg CBD, 1g 870mg CBD, 5g 4350mg CBD


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